About us

About us

Real Capital Systems forms joint ventures with several enterprises in the building, construction and real estate sectors. The core team represents all necessary disciplines.

Wim Gielingh PhD is founder of Real Capital Systems. After his study Architecture and Building Technology at Delft University of Technology he specialized in business innovation, supply chain integration and knowledge management. Apart from the Building and Real Estate sectors he did projects for the shipbuilding-, oil and gas-, process-, electronics- and the machinebuilding industries. Amongst his clients were ASML, BMW, HBG, Krupp, NAM, Philips, Shell, Siemens, Stork, Unilever, Q-park and Wartsila-Lips. Wim has over 30 years experience with product/service offerings, performance contracts and tenders that focus on lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Luc van Dijk MSc studied fiscal law on the University of Leiden and Business Administration at Nijenrode University. He advises private and institutional investors with the initiation of real estate funds and related investment products. After his study he worked for Anderson as consultant and partner and for Deloitte. Since 2011 he is partner of RechtStaete in Amsterdam.

Paul Westenbrink MSc studied Public Administration at the University of Twente and Real Estate Management and -Investment at the University of Amsterdam. He worked as consultant Facility Management at Brink Group and Deloitte ICS. Subsequently he worked as project developer for NS Real Estate, housing coprporation SWZ, and as director at FAME and VDR Building Group. Since 2010 he works for the municipality of Enschede as strategic consultant, project manager of the Twente Sustainability Agenda and as head of the permit department.

Elma Durmisevic PhD is founder/owner of 4D Architects in Amsterdam. She is internationally recognized expert with respect to transformable building and Design for Disassembly. She initiated the Centre for Green Transformable Buildings.

Maartje Martens PhD is independent senior consultant for local governments and housing corporations. She obtained her PhD at the University of Essex (UK) on a comparative study of the factors that influence the international housing markets.